Company profile and mission

More than forty years Mobilferro s.r.l. designs and produces furniture that is well recognized in the schools in Italy and around the world. After a plenty of consultations with architects and education experts, Mobilferro s.r.l. studies and implements new solutions that combine the changing needs in the education sector with highest level of safety in schools and kindergartens.

Bulmobil Ltd. is an affiliate company of Mobilferro s.r.l. In Bulgaria we have manufacturing facilities that work with automated processes and ensure efficiency, quality and precision of production.

The products we offer are made in accordance with National and European standards and are tested by the major accredited laboratories to ensure their compliance with the standards for safety and durability.


Customers are offered good service before and after purchase:

Bulmobil consultants are available to offer advice on choosing the right products for your needs. Educational institutions can turn to us to receive new product information and technical details.

Our team of professionals is available to draft a project according to your specific requirements. Quality control of products allows us to provide you with 5-year warranty period during which you get service and exchangeable parts.

Foreign customers

Bulmobil works with clients from Northern Europe, Oceania, Central America and North Africa.